Illustration + Interview

 Jenny Liz Rome

Read our interview with Jenny below and check out prints of her work here.

How would you describe your work? 

My work is mainly revolved around an obsession with fashion and often touches on the bond between women and animal. It ranges from surreal to realistic in form and subject. I try to keep it light, visually pleasing, with a touch of whimsy. Many of my girls are sort of satirical portraits of an over the top vogue culture. 

Which creative mediums do you prefer? 

I'm a mixed media junky. It's an addiction. Paints, pencils , cameras , cut outs , computers , papers , knives , scanners , scissors , glue. Layers upon layers of mediums to make one image. 

Who are your favorite artists? 

I have a pretty long list. Gabriel Moreno , Ruben Ireland , Emma Leonard , Kelly Smith , Kaitlin Beckett , Fab Ciarlo , Keith P Rein , and my friends Olivia Cataford , Jenna Faye Powell , and Adelle Taylor. The list goes on and on.

What motivates you? 

Seeing my work on someones wall. That's a giant thrill. I get a real kick out of people posting a photo of my work in their home. Something I made hanging over a families fireplace in Norway, or in someones bedroom in France. I get chills.

What's next? 

I've started actually hand crafting clothes , to correspond with my illustrations. It's way harder then I ever imagined. I've found a whole new obsession in it. I hope to one day have a tiny fashion line.

Interview by Elisa Williams