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with Amelia Briggs

Nashville artist Amelia Briggs talked to us about 90’s toys, upcoming exhibitions and her pool float-esque sculptures. Enjoy!

Amelia_Briggs_Moppet Install_05_2019.jpg

How would you describe your current work? Have you ever explored other styles/mediums of art?

I refer to my current work as "inflatables" because they remind me of pool floats and inflatable toys. This work is very much about sculpture. A few years ago my interest shifted away from 2D painting and towards a desire to treat the canvas as an object which led me to my current body of work.

If you weren’t an artist, what job do you think you would have?

I'm not sure but I love fashion and graphic design. I would like to think that I would have worked in some sort of design field, maybe something to do with marketing.

Who/What inspires your work currently?

My work all comes from an interest in childhood history. The colors, shapes and materials I use stem from memories, toys, coloring books and discarded objects. I try to capture a feeling of vague familiarity -- the sense of something rediscovered or remembered.

What are your favorite things to watch or search for on YouTube/Reddit/TV/Movies...?

I often look at vintage/90's toys and children's books online. I find small women owned fashion brands incredibly inspirational and am often looking for unique brands who seem to be moving things forward in interesting and unexpected ways.

What do you have going on in 2019?

Well, I'm participating in a textile residency at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in May. I have a two person show with Ellen Dempsey at an experimental space in July, then a solo exhibition at Belmont University December-January. A few other things are in the works but nothing else is set in stone.

Amelia_Briggs_Moppet Install 2_06_2019.jpg


by Female Alchemy

Tatiana from Female Alchemy was nice enough to chat to us about lips, Judy Chicago and graduating in 2019. Enjoy!


How would you describe your current work? Have you ever explored other styles/mediums of art?

My current work is inspired by the playful sensuality of lips and their ability to seduce and capture the viewer's attention. I like to keep it light and fun when it comes to my work, I'd like for the people who purchase my pieces to be able to own art but use it as well. As for other mediums, I have dabbled in almost everything, from photography, painting, collage, jewelry, to papier-mâché but at the end of the day my true love is ceramics.


Did you want to be an artist growing up? If not, what did you want to be?

Art has always been a big part of my childhood, my dad was an artist but it was not his career. I always had a passion for animals above all else so my first choice was to be a veterinarian but as I grew older I realized what that really meant and all the tragedy I would have to endure, so I decided to set that passion aside and follow my innate passion for art.


Who/What inspires your work currently?

Currently my biggest inspiration are all the female artists that have pushed boundaries and paved the way for young emerging female artists like myself. Judy Chicago will always be an inspiration to me no matter what work I'm making. Specifically, contemporary artists like, Ronit Baranga, Genesis Belanger, and Laura Bird inspire my work.

What are your favorite things to watch or search for on YouTube/Reddit/TV/Movies…?

I watch A LOT of Tv, simply because while I glaze or hand sculpt I like to have something playing in the background. If i'm not binging a new show I usually stick to my go to's which are Friends, The Office, and Sex and the City. But usually I'm just binging new Netflix originals or any recommendations by friends.

What do you have going on in 2019?

2019 I am graduating with a bachelor's in Fine Art! Finally! This year so far I've just been working on work for my thesis exhibition, and work for my shop. Once I graduate, I'll be taking a year off to focus on my business and finally creating my own studio.