We are back in Austin from our snow covered adventures in Philadelphia last week, where we did a lot of things. My husband tattooed at the countries largest tattoo convention, I went ice skating for the first time (didn't fall!!) and ate my weight in prosciutto sandwiches from Carmen's in the Reading Terminal Market. Also, I snagged some crazy sexy cool vintage that is coming to the shop this weekend and patroned a couple of art museums.

We always visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art because it's our main bae in Philly. Always housing beautiful paintings, sculptures, art etcetera. I really enjoyed the current exhibitions 'Multitude, Solitude: The Photographs Of Dave Heath' and 'Plays Of / For A Respirateur' Installation by Joseph Kosuth. Also, we ventured into the Fabric Workshop and Museum which is really refreshing and has some amazing exhibitions come through. We were visiting during the Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit all-staff showing at FWM. Here are some favorites from both spaces.




We strolled through the Magic Gardens on South Street, which is a huge mosaic labyrinth by artist Isaiah Zagar. An art installation always in progress, this Philly attraction is srsly a must see.

Artists Featured: Andrew Perez, Isaiah Zagar, Cy Twombly, Sano di Pietro, Joseph Kosuth, Jasper Johns, Leon Frederic, Ted Hallman *One of the most striking paintings in the PMA is Thomas Eakins 'The Gross Clinic'(not pictured)