Digital Mash Up + Interview


Read our interview below and check out some Tchmo prints (on sale now) here.

How would you describe your work?

All mashed-up.

Which creative medium do you prefer?

I trained in painting and analogue photography but now I prefer to use digital tools. I never learned how to use Photoshop, I just play it my way. I like the speed at which I can process the work.

Who are your favorite artists?

Valérie Blass, Eric Yahnker, Nick Van Woert, Dr Lakra, Adam Parker Smith, Cindy Sherman and I can go on ......

What motivates you?

The next mash-up that I will make. Also, a run in the snow or a long swim, a nutritious homemade meal with a friend, an interesting book or an independent film that makes me view things from another perspective - these are other things that motivate me.

What's next?

In the near future, I want to publish some more work I have made over the last year. And keep just mashing things together and see what happens.

Interview by Elisa Williams